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Barratt Solutions can provide a wide range of service offerings. All of these are within the two areas of general consultancy (including IS/IT/ERP consultancy), and project/program management. The areas where we can add value include:

  • Project and Programme Management. This is one of our main expertise areas and we can provide services or 'mentoring / definition' services.
  • Financial M3 Consultancy. Again one of our main areas to add value. We can offer detailed knowledge and skills across the whole width of M3 Financials, on any currently used M3 version in almost any business environment. our knowledge is not just in M3 but also in the financial departments that use it. The knowledge of other processes in M3 that integrate with the financials is a key benefit to this offering.
  • Integration. This is a key skill set we can offer. Our knowledge, expertise and toolsets allow us to link almost anything to anything, in a fast and simple way. Through our ability to offer you Operator we can also install, train and support your own integration capabilities.
  • Interim Management. Here we can offer management services in almost any business arena at any level. We are not limited to IS/IT and Finance as our experiences and contacts cover many business areas from internal logistics and material workflows to manufacturing processing and optimisation to Sales in a variety of businesses. we cannot guarantee of having a the perfect person for your need but we will be able to offer someone who can work within that role.
  • Web Development. We are able to develop and implement whatever web presence you may require.
  • Network and Infrastructure. We can advise and help you establish a fully thought through infrastructure and can fully own this process or manage this process through our Partners.
  • Manufacturing Execution System. Operator MES is a truly world class full MES system. We sell, implement and support this system.
  • Warehouse Mobility, Forklift and Data Capture. We sell, implement and support the Operator Warehouse Mobility solution that includes a full forklift system and can use many diffreent data capture devices. Of course with our business process knowledge and with our integration skills and solutions we can then integrate this into your existing ERP systems if required for a complete process driven solution that works in reality.
  • Software Definition and Negotiation including Legal Counsel. If you do not wish to define and select your own system needs we can do this for you. We are also able to assist, independently if required, in the negotiation process. Our experience in this area is wide and with Legal Council partners we can ensure that high quality and thorough agreements are in place for all parties security.
  • Business level IS and IT review, Strategy creation and Implementation. A key thread to our business is the ability to understand the strategic values needed for an organisation and then turn that into tactics for the organisation to operate against. We can do this for any size business due to our own in-house knowledge and experiences and also through our wide network of senior management consultants. Change Management is a cornerstone of our skills and we are able to help and advise in this and drive the change for you if required.
  • IS and IT Recruitment. We have a wide contact base in the recruitment and business marketplace. This mean that if you have an IS or IT recruitment need we will be able to help you fill it.
  • Contract review, negotiation and arbitration. Things sometimes go wrong in business and so we offer the service to independently arbitrate when required and from this negotiate a settlement or solution to the problem. as part of this service we are also able to review existing contracts, either independently or at the request of a single party.

Whilst based in Gothenburg, Sweden we have a global reach and can operate with you in global way. We have worked in many parts of the world and have either Partners and contacts in almost any geographic region you may want.

We may be small but our knowledge, experience, skills and geographic reach certainly is not and we look forward to assisting our clients in any way that we can.


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