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Our Software Products

Whilst our main value comes from the Services and experiences we can offer to our customers we have also come across some brilliant software during our work. So, where we can we have put agreements in place so that we can provide this software to our clients. In this way we can help them and us to acheive our objectives and in the future we hope to add more software of this calibre to this list as we come across it.

If you have a need for software that makes a difference then we can provide a solution either by selling it to you or by finding it on the market and helping you put a contract and project in place.


Operator Systems

Barratt Solutions are proud to be a partner of Operator Systems. We sell and implement their Operator MES, Warehouse Mobilty (including a forklift solution) and Integration solutions. Operator Systems software has many implementations in Europe and has installations in the Americas with a number of household names as their customers.

  • Operator MES is a full Manufacturing Execution Sytem that is normally implemented against an ERP but can also be an independant MES solution. modules include Manufacturing Information System, Work Scheduling and Lists, Document Viewer, Time & Attendance, Job Reporting, Traceability, QA Sample Testing, Forklift Control, Maintenance Reporting, Label Printing and Custom Report Access.
  • Operator Integration is a flexible fully customer configurable interface solution that allows a system to talk to almost any other system. inputs and outputs can be of almost any type and include xml, API calls, flat files, Microspoft Message Queues, email, sql statements, etc. Operator Integration has M3, SAP and Dynamics connectivity built in and is simply and easily implemented.
  • Operator Warehouse Mobility is a fully functional mobile data capture system used to capture data, based upon ERP information normaly, and then to update an ERP or other system. As part of this total solution a fully functional forklift solution is available that in most situations uses forklift mounted touch-panel computers linked wirelessly into the Operator Forklift Server, although other devices can be used of course. Standard functionality you would expect from these sorts of systems is available and can easily be extended to cover most data capture devices. And of course it integrates into M3 and most other widely used ERP systems logistics flows.

Spreadsheet Server

Spreadsheet Server is an excellent add-in for Excel that enables access to most leading ERPs though the General Ledger. However calling it an add-in does not do it justice as it provides the ability to tunnel into the ERP data through the subledgers in a fast, intuative and flexible way. Spreadsheet Server has 'cube' type technology built in and can 'slice and dice' through the General Ledger allowing very fast flexible analysis with easy identification of areas to investigate. It is also exceptionally quick to implement and train on - within a few minutes you will gain access to your financial (and so other) data giving you more understanding and so allowing you to quickly add value to any business. The functionality and formatting capabilities that Excel that we all know then enables Spreadsheet Server to deliver professionaly quality Financial Reports very quickly - you can even generate a P&L within minutes if you want!

Cynics Accounting

Cynics Accounting is an accounting and inventory control solution for small businesses. If required there is also a POS module that can added on. The system can be installed on a single computer or can be truly client-server based. For a simple financial requirement in a small business this is a great solution.


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