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Barratt Solutions is an exciting place to work and we are quite different in how we manage and lead people. We are always on the lookout for new people to add to our team who can add real value to our organisation and our our clients. For the right people we are prepared to reward accordingly in a flexible way.

Our organisation is young, dynamic and small so we are looking for people who have these characteristics. You should:

  • be self motivated, driven and dynamic in style.
  • behave very professionally in all contacts with customers, partners and work colleagues.
  • be honest and open in everything you do. With clients we want to be trusted advisors and this often means giving messages in a way other companies may not be able to. our ability to give real feedback is a difference we pride ourselves on.
  • constantly be driving yourself to deliver high quality work that adds real value to your customer.
  • consider your self an expert in your area but actually know that you know very little really.
  • be prepared to facilitate work through your contacts.
  • be very self critical and prepared to be challenged
  • work on your own initiative but be a real team player as well
  • not be a 9 to 5 person. People who are very 'delivery' focussed but have a life 'outside' work is what we need.
  • be a driver for our business growth and accept the rewards that are inherent in this growth

if you have these characteristics then we really want to talk to you as we can offer a great place to work that will reward and challenge you.

Positions available

Whilst we formally have the postions below available we are eager to talk to anyone who satisfies the personal characteristics above. You do not need to be in the M3 arena, where we earn the largest proportuion of our revenue, as we are very interested in anyone who can grow us into new business areas.


If you are interested in joining Barratt Solutions then please send your CV and covering letter to identifying which position you are applying for or that you are intrested more generally.


Position: Senior M3 Consultant

Description: You need to be experienced and seen as an expert by your peers in M3. We will consider experience from any M3 area but we have work for Finance Consultants available now.

Requirements: Minimum 5 years work as a consultant in M3 in your area. A very deep knowledge of M3 in your area is a must and you must be able to delve around 'the back' of the system. However the ability to understand how the system links to the real world processes is critical. Fast understanding of new problems with the ability to driver value and change within a project team or at an individual assignment level. Able to work with people at all levels and be able to give the 'true story'.


Position: Sales/Account Manager

Description: We need an account manager to drive the sales into the business without this taking time from our consultnats.

Requirements: You should have at elast 5 years Account Management or Sales experience in the Software Services field. This ideally should be in M3 but we are prepared to talk to anyone who can demonstrate the ability to sell Software and Services and manage customer accounts. You should have a significant numebr of custoemr contacts to build our client base upon.


Position: Programme/Project Manager

Description: This role will mainly lead projects of a small to medium nature implementign sofwtare. the role would also involve managing for our clients teams of people both internal to their organisations and also often external.

Requirements: 5 years project management or similar demonstarble experience. you must be strong willed, credible and able to demonstrate your knowledge of differenet industry sectors. International experience would eb a significant advantage as would Programme management. The ability to deliver is what we value the most and you must be trustworthy and be driven to suceed. The ability to give an honest assesment of processes, systems, people and structures is a must for this role.