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What are we

Barratt Solutions was formed in 2008 and are focussed on providing software solutions and consultancy services that really make a difference. We are a family owned and run business with many years of value adding experince in our chosen areas.

Our objective is to grow over the next few years so that we can provide the best service and value to our customers. We will do this by recruiting the best consultants and managers we can find, giving them the freedom to shine, and by working to become true partners to our clients. We will also use our partners to add value wherever we an.

Our experience and arena of work is wide and whilst we focus on business systems and IT consultancy Services. We have experience in many areas of general management, logistics, integration, the creation of IS/IT strategies, tactics, processes and structures, manufacturing planning, interim management (financial, general and IS) and resource acquisition are areas we have detailed knowledge and add value to our clients and prospects. This only identifies a few of the ways in which we have helped our customers and partners over the years.

Companies that use the Lawson M3 product will get significant value from our experience and contacts in all areas of this great ERP solution. From integration to M3 financials to M3 country functionality for India/Japan/Brazil/Italy/Finland/US/Chile/etc/etc/etc to reporting to modification creation and implementation to ..... the list is too long to continue. If we don't know the answer to any M3 question then we will know someone who does.

We also have a significant experience of IS/IT contract review and creation and have assisted in this for many companies. Having worked 'on both sides of the fence' in the IS/IT world we can give a very balanced and fair view and we think this gives us the ability to truly be the best at creation and aribration when it comes to contractual matters.  

Who are we

The board of the Barratt Solutions AB is made up of these two family members: Malin Barratt and David Barratt.

We are a small, stable, knowledgable and profitable business but we cannot do everything on our own. So, we have a wide network with many of what we consider the best consultancy services companies in our business sectors and we form teams with them to deliver what our clients need in the best way. This way we have access to the best and most appropriate resources and we will use these resources to the advantage of our clients ensuring we all know that failure is not an option.


Barratt Solutions can truly your next link in the chain of your business.

We are safe and secure but will by making sure we all work together and targetting improvements and change we will truly make a difference to your business.